Reimagine Your StairSpace

Posted on: March 25, 2017


What to do? In addition to a flood damaged set of stairs, the owner of this home had a cunundrum. As in, an unsuitable arrangement. Between her and her laundry room, located in the lower level, was the guantlet of an ancient arrangement that had her taking a stair case to a lower level, then back up to a level above the lower level.  Down, down, up and then arrive at the laundry room level. Thirteen steps down, a short walk, and three steps back up, every load, every day, carrying laundry. Not only that, but the restoration of the lower level included some cabinetry whose function would be limited by the location of the three steps up. Again, What to do?
Schutte Stair  Co., Inc. was invited to the home, to Reimagine her StairSpace!

StairSpace's design consultants arrived to find a stair case in need of, repair(?), refinishing(?), replacement(?), along with other infringements on the comfort of the final comportment of the stairs. 

StairSpace identified the offensive elements of the stair system . Impeding the cabinetry? Three steps down, three steps up? A  lip of concrete protruding into the finish area? A head bumper of a stairwell? Yes, all of that. 

The Plan

A solution was offered. Move the opening to the laundry room closer to the stairs allowing room for the cabinetry and shortening the walk. Create a landing at the laundry room height, removing the three steps down and the three steps up, use the hardwood floor of the new landing to cover the concrete lip, and replace the current stairs with one less riser which added more than 9" to the area between the opening and one's head. In addition to that, create a StairSpace that is beautiful and functional.



The homeowner was elated, and incredibly satisfied with the entire project. We like to think, that she thinks of us, every trip, down the steps and into her laundry room.